Dear friends, more reviews, tips and recipes are posted via my Instagram while I’m on the road. I also created lists on Foursquare for you to save. Kitchen Script stays online! Need to figure out what theme I like and how my logo is going to be. Exciting huh?!

Nice to Meat you


Steak lovers who can’t cook their own steaks (yet) behold! Learned more about the best meat and how to prepare it. Midtown Grill in Amsterdam invited me to visit their kitchen, to learn about steak and talk about the new menu. Now it’s time to share.

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Less than three weeks ago I received a call from Alrik Koudenburg, co-founder of Frozz, with the announcement that he wanted to realize a new concept with the same principles: healthy, good, comfort food. Are you up for this? I said hell yeah.

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Hills & Mills

After emailing back and forth with Nawaz Kazmi about Pure Food Cafe Hills & Mills in Delft. I finally could make some time to drop by to taste their menu. A lot of press already covered a story about the cafe. So what more can I add?

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Don’t fear the kitchen

Stumbled upon Don’t fear the Kitchen. A blog where SF based graphic designer Katie Kingrumford shared her design process for her thesis. Loved the quotes by Julia Child and Truman Capote she selected and fits Kitchen Script perfectly haha Hit the button to check out her posters.

My New Roots Desserts

Healthy Happy friend Sam teamed up with My New Roots Sarah Britton for a dessert cooking session. I’ve joined their first class a few months ago and was psyched about it. We made colorful dishes which mouth waters the meat eaters too. Next week they’ll prepare desserts: easy, healthy, no baking required. Still spots left for Nov, 19th!

De Etende Mens

Travelled to Eindhoven to get inspiration by visiting Marije Vogelzang's curated exhibition 'De Etende Mens' (the eating men). Happy to check out one of my favorite food initiators work and find out why it was extended due to succes. Hit it…

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20 min Raw Porridge

Managed to make a raw porridge with dry ingredients from my pantry and it does taste OK. I got inspired by raw recipes I found online. The chance is very small that I can keep up with such a diet, but am open minded when it comes to food.

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20 min lentil soup

Got another easy red lentil soup recipe made in a snap! I bought vegetable stock from De kleinste soep fabriek (the smallest soup factory) and boiled it with a cup of red lentils. Follow the instructions on both packages, serve your soup with fresh herbs like coriander and some yoghurt. Simplicity rules and it saves you time!

DIY Coffee Roasting

After training my biceps by grinding fresh roasted localy grown Arabica coffee beans, I mos def earned a fresh cup of coffee. If you like to know how the staff of Lakeview teached me how to roast coffee old skool style read more for the pics!

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Tamarillo Sorbet

I don’t want to deprive you from this moment when I tasted the home made tamarillo sorbet from Lakeview Hotel & Restaurant, who invited me to learn about Kintamani and their local cuisine. Visit their culinary events and try their tamarillo sorbet or marmelade when you are around. And if you’re not, here is an ice-cream recipe you can try out.


My culinary endeavor continued in Kintamani, North Eastern of Bali where I got to meet tamarillo! Also known as the Dutch eggplant (terong belanda) or sachatomate (false tomato). A local fruit with little seeds and a unique taste a bit comparable with a guava or a golden kiwi fruit. Never tasted it before. If you have the chance to try it out: DO!

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Going Raw at Soma’s

Eating vegetarian meals while traveling prevents me from getting sick. So finding, preferably low carbs, vegetarian food became a challenge. While strolling the streets of Ubud I bumped into Raw, Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe Soma.

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Tea Time Inspiration

We need to bring the afternoon tea back! An ideal ‘time-out’ moment before you can pop the last emails before 6pm. Mos def something else than your coup-a-soup at 4. Serve the easily made fried bananas topped with young coconut flakes and palm sugar with your ginger, lemongrass and lime tea. The easiest way to re-introduce tea time!

Granola Recipe

Last week I had the opportunity to check out the Purist Villas in Ubud. A seven room boutique villas with a good kitchen. Training your tastebuds can unravel recipes, so always be inspired by what you eat, anywhere, everywhere. Here is the recipe.

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